A place of leafless trees: a year locked down //

In the autumn and winter months straddling the close of 2020, with restrictions limiting travel to a maximum of 5 miles, these photographs of, for me, the previously unexplored surroundings of my home in Sheffield and the tip of the neighbouring county of north-east Derbyshire, seek to demonstrate that whilst, at times, lockdown made life in our cities empty, ordinary and stagnant, nature continued to flourish, establishing its splendour even in the bleakest of circumstances.
A broken wooden gate stands at the end of an overgrown pathway overlooked by the skeletons of old pine trees
Soon after the snow had fallen; the silhouette of a black tree stands under a snow-laden, grey sky.
The day after New Year.Cattle feeding as a hoar frost illuminates the fields with Chatsworth House in the distance.
Late afternoon light looking towards Bretton
In a field below Stanage Edge a tree stands alone in a lifeless field with the village of Hathersage beyond underneath a Magritte sky.
Which path to take?
The sun labours to emerge from the morning mist off Clodhall Lane
Daylight breaks through to brighten a green field amidst the surrounding shadow.
A gathering of trees in a winter mist at Bamford
An assembly of sand-coloured clouds gathers over a sunlit Burbage Edge
Broken trees and bleached yellow grasses at Redmires
Silhouetted against the sunlight at Bamford Edge, two hikers stand.
7 snow-coated trees standing unimpeded in a field near Millthorpe
The last of the light overwhelmed by the greyness of a late October afternoon.
The first light of an April morning falls onto the trees, by the side of the River Derwent running through Froggatt, and the fading mist producing a scene reminiscent of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
A single tree near Millthorpe, surrounded by the copper coloured tentacles of dying ferns.
Alone on Higger Tor amongst a spectrum of colours as the sunrise begins to burn off the mist in the valley below.
A dark grey, rain-filled sky approaches as 'Mother Cap' stands tallest of all the rocks .
The grasslands approaching the border with south-west Sheffield
2 scratchy, wind-shaped trees amidst the grasslands on Sheffield Road with storm clouds appearing
A mirror-like reflection created by the weir at Chatsworth as the sunrise ferments with the cold winter air to produce the morning mist
Cold waters rushing over a weir with a single green leaf
By Long Causeway a field of disfigured trees
October rains and mist along the pathway to Higger Tor.
On the climb to Bamford Edge a lone sheep stares back unblinkingly
Running in a yellow jacket in the first true snowfall of winter.
Retreating from Hathersage enclosed by autumnal colours
Cold grasslands illuminated by the dawn's light on the road to Baslow
Only the colour of pale khaki contrasting with the black silhouette of a separated tree
A lone, distant conifer tree at Redmires and a low lying mist , seen from Fidler's Elbow
A damp stone wall bordering a mist-covered field and a single tree.
One of the many enormous rocks standing sentinel on Bamford Edge
A gateway towards Burbage Edge on a November morning.
A viper-like face stares intently across at 'Mother cap' beneath a menacingly dark sky
5 trees , leaflesss and dark, stand in line off the Owler Bar Road
The autumn of dead trees adjacent to the reservoir at Redmires.
Not Switzerland but the view at Hollow Meadows within the boundary of the city of Sheffield
Breaking away from the pack
Late November and a morning mist hangs over the gardens of the magnificent Chatsworth House.
Standing and looking towards the Hope Valley
During a snowfall at Rivelin Valley
2 wind-shaped trees below a skittering blue sky as one looks towards Grindleford
Deer feeding at dawn on the first day of December.
At Stanage Edge a tree struggles to avoid being hidden by the grey, lifeless fog of a November afternoon.
Warm sunlight seeks to enter the scene to diminish the frost which ices the fading remnants of autumn
The beauty of a winter morning. The glow of a sunrise, the sharp air of November and the mixture of a gentle mist with hazeless light combine to elevate the day.
Droplets of water forming skirtings of ice on the rocks at Wyming Brook in Sheffield
Even a vapour trail mimicking the launch of a rocket cannot diminish the wonder of the layers of coloured light which complete the picture of the distant Hathersage church.
Orange ferns and 5 white sheep occupy the slope of a hillside together with a single tree.
The path forwards between earth the colour of newly baked ginger cake and a sky whispering in shades of duck egg blue
Heathers, mist and lichen-coloured boulders beneath a blue and white striped sky
A view towards Millthorpe in the colours of rhubarb and custard
The sunrise brings life to a barren tree on the road to Baslow
The dawn's early light illuminating in shades of orange and blue.
Almost hidden by the snow sprinkled branches of a fallen tree, a duck sails by in a Rivelin Valley pond
An isolated tree surrounded by sinister, spectral heathers beneath a thunderous, dark sky
Clouds fill the sky as the autumnal sun begins to set over rocks shaped like a serpent's smile
With leafless branches like Medusa's hair , trees in Ecclesall woods reach out
White and black lines of snow lit by sunlight and shadows separate the grassland from the cloud-filled sky above
The light is slipping away at 5 o'clock on an October afternoon.
3 trees emerge from the mist shrouded winter light seen from the side of Fox Lane
The soft light of a winter morning and a tree at Chatsworth
Red berries and hoar frost
On New Year's Day, 2021, a year about to begin, standing alone on Bamford Edge looking towards the snow sprinkled tops of Lose hill and Mam Tor
The sun sets on our day. Warm, late afternoon, winter light ignites the copper-coloured leaves of silver birches and ferns by Surprise View