A selection of 42 favourite photographs //

A tribute to Edward Hopper. The colour of the brickwork is reminiscent of that in 'Early Sunday Morning'. The two people, barely visible, provide a sense of the loneliness of life in the city.New York
The sun never realised how wonderful it was until it fell onto the side of a building: Paris
The simple , elegant beauty of Japanese architecture. Straight lines and a fusion of light, air and structure, here with the perfect compliment of a man in a lilac suit at the Gallery of the Horyuji Treasures : Tokyo
Walking to the match. A 'Blades' supporter and an abandoned engineering works : Sheffield
The swagger, the red hoodie, the dilapidated building and a world beating event proclaimed in a typically Mancunian way : Manchester
Walking away. Photographed through the plastic sheeting of an al fresco restaurant, the image takes on the appearance of the dark shadowing of a 15th century painting : Bologna
Walking alone along a narrow passageway one discovers the hidden beauty of a Roman church: Rome
The first rays of daylight illuminate 3 windows in a faceless building on a deserted street making one question whether anyone is there : Turin
That rare thing ; a single person in the turbine hall at Tate Modern : London
Shibuya style: Tokyo
Souvenir. The hoops of pastel colours, on a rare, run down building in the Old Town, provide the softest of backgrounds, against which the severity of the black shadows and the silhouette of a behatted man threaten to overwhelm: Rovinj
An inconspicuous but deeply affecting memorial on Grosse Hamburgerstrasse to the Jews who were transported from the city : Berlin
Walking down 5th Avenue in July: New York City
The plaque of the Bulgarian Embassy separates 2 men and a face : Rome
Graffiti scars the splendour of the columns of the Piazza del Plebiscito, but the declaration of love , " Anna vita mia", is uplifting : Naples
if Dali' had designed a roof space. The shadows of early evening provide a severe contrast to the lightened terracotta as irregular and alien faces arise from La Pedrera's shapes whilst the silhouette of a lone visitor completes the picture: Barcelona
A stark conflict between the comical image of half a cow protruding from a building with the stern face off the jogger: Edinburgh
Remembering David Slud, aged 20. No photograph can ever capture the unfathomable happenings of Auschwitz: Krakow
'Forza Napoli'. Un ragazzo sits waiting in Forcella watched by Puncinello: Naples
During a summer rain storm a man with an umbrella stands alone on the Ponte Santa Trinita which crosses the River Arno whilst a swallow flies overhead: Florence
One has to search for the darker corners of the island away from the tourists , but it usually pays out on the effort one invests: Venice
That the Berliner Dom survived the war and the subsequent occupation in the divided city is remarkable. That it stands so proudly when competing with the recent renovation of the former east speaks to its architectural splendour : Berlin
It shouldn't work. A gigantic, orange, abstract, metal shape occupies the stage in one of the city's central plazas. Yet'The Flamingo' has been accepted as the leading piece of contemporary sculpture in America's second city: Chicago
Alone amidst the black and white stripes in Shinjuku: Tokyo
The hoarding in place for the alteration of the old Battersea Power Station lends an Alice in Wonderland-type impression to this image: London
A large piece of plastic sculpture somehow works in the vast atrium of the Reina Sofia Museum: Madrid
" Vote or die" - graffiti with a message: New York City
2 people crossing 12th Avenue in a bright, sunlit autumn morning, seen from the Highline: New York city
Simple, angular sections of block colours seek to capture the modern, cultural aspect of Germany's second city: Hamburg
The darkness of the carrugi in the old town, where space is tightened and compressed, maintains at all times: Genoa
A true sense of the city is gained at 06.00, should one stroll through the portici which run parallel to the Arno as one travels towards the Uffizi: Florence
A cyclist crossing at Shibuya. The mutual respect, calm and order which is necessary for a supercity to function is evident in that despite the apparently frenetic pace of Tokyo life, the distances between the cars are evenly spaced: Tokyo
'Don't shoot'. Graffiti in the constantly changing area of Shoreditch where it seems everyone remains young: London
Thankfully one is now free to cross over Bernauerstrasse. The crucifix reminds us of how easily the freedom to take those routine steps can be removed: Berlin
Don't follow the crowd! Washington Square Park on a Sunday afternoon: New York city
In El Born there is a passageway which, at its entrance, has a heavy metal gate. This doorway is only ever partially opened. Beyond it is a hallway, decorated for the most part in French blue. There is a staircase of 7 steps leading to a locked door. The hallway is lit by a single pendant light which introduces a patina to the adjacent walls, otherwise hidden amidst the darkness, enhancing their age and beauty and enticing the passer-by: Barcelona
The empty chairs of Ghetto Heroes Square remind us that the people who ought to be here are not: Krakow
2 Skateboarders standing at the war memorial in Battery Park: New York City
Palermo is a city which highlights the conflict between light and shade at its best. Here two figures are enveloped within the shadows at the Quattro Canti: Palermo.
Within the Tuillerie Gardens the sunlight of a December morning shines through the leafless tress as a jogger runs towards the Louvre: Paris
4 joggers bring colour to the heavy greyness as a storm approaches over the Rio Tejo: Lisbon
The surreal exterior of artificial red poppies and vibrant green grass of the Zaha Hadid designed MAXXI museum : Rome
Though surrounded by the beauty of the pale yellow limestone interspersed with vibrantly coloured balconies, a mobile phone remains more interesting: Valletta
In 1977 an East German guard stands sentinel on Unter Den Linden: East Berlin