Barcelona: Shadows and alleyways //

A red motorino in the darkness below the arches off Carrer de la Merce
Rolling a cigarette
Looking back from Carrer de Jaume 1
La Lionesa and an abandoned red can of Coca-Cola
Playing the saxophone in the early evening in Placa de San Felip Neri
Alone with one's dog at 7am on Carrer de la Merce
Walking away
Red cafe'chairs compete with the bluest sky
Striding purposefully
3 faces emerge from the heavy shadows by the church of Santa Maria del Mar
A hooded figure glances across, framed by a graffiti-scarred doorway and beneath the archways of Placa Reial
A trendily-dressed old man walking by the side of the Cathedral in the early evening.
Don't Look Now. The strange combination of a couple, seemingly lost in one of the narrow alleyways of the Gothic Quarter, being observed, in the distance, by a small, still figure.
Sunday afternoon in Placa de Sant Augusti Vell. 3 relaxed figures seated outside the bar, Jouet, whilst a fourth walks by.
The walkway at the rear of the Cathedral is unused to sunlight, save for where a small alleyway enters at the far end. Here a shaft of light falls onto the doorway and, in this instance, also onto the yellow shirted man walking towards it.
Off Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt there is hallway which one enters through a heavy, ornate, metal door. It enjoys little natural light so relies on the additional electric lighting , the combination of which provides a blue patina to the space, reminding us of its age and past grandeur.
Walking the dog along the most medieval of roadways, the arched passageway of Carrer de la Merce'.
A beautiful lamp standard stands casting a little light into the darkened surrounds of Placa de Sant Jaume
Standing in the sunlight and shadows in Placa de Sant Felip Neri
The contrast of old and new: white sneakers walk past the aged walls of the Cathedral observed by the blackened eyes of the skull emerging from a piece of street art.
An early evening stroll from Placa de George Orwell along Carrer de la Carabassa, almost reaching its end
A shaft of light finds an alleyway introducing a quiet space away from the crowds circulating near the Cathedral
Sitting alone in Placa de Sant Agusti Vell