Berlin: The Wall //

Towards the West
Section 1: 'Every wall is a challenge'
Section 2 : Robot
Section 3: 'El muro de la tortilla'
Jodie Foster at The Wall
Gorbachev at the wheel
Section 4- 'A world that stands as one'
'Let it be'
Section 5: 'Miss Van, 2011"
'Don't take drugs, get married'
Section 6- 'The dust of walls torn down has settled in the hearts of men'
Yellow coat on BernauerstraBe
Lou Reed
The Kiss
Trabant breaking through
Sections of the Wall on Kopenicker StraBe
Section 7 : doves
"Please don't be angry when I'm not here...'
Section 8 : 'More walls to tear down'