Chicago: art and architecture //

Local celebrity, Robin Williams, features in a mural created by Jerkface and Owen Dippie at 2051 Milwaukee Avenue
A yellow umbrella on W Adams Street as the morning traffic builds
'Chicago' and the Stars and Stripes in the main hall at Union Station on a Sunday morning.
'Muddy Waters artwork by Eduardo Kobra on State Street
The rather cliched 'snap' of the Chicago Theatre sign...with yellow taxi and empty office
Couple in long, dark coats and a green 'Park' sign
Miro's 12 meter tall statue against a backdrop of office windows in Brunswick Plaza.
34 people reflected in the 'Bean'
A sculpture in the garden of the Institute of Art with an advertisement for a Warhol exhibition
140 W North La Salle Street in sunlight and shadow
'The best burgers in Chicagoland'
07.00hrs and -8 degrees as a man in a red hat walks briskly across Wells Street bridge
2 sofas beneath the rail tracks on N Halstead Street.
4 people ( not) looking at Warhol's 'Elvis' at the Institute of Art
Dali'-esque reflections in winter sunlight and a white coat on E Illinois Street
By the side of the Chicago River
Red, white and blue. A Ford Mustang stands in the snow watched over by Robin Williams on N Milwaukee Avenue.
'Live a colourful life' in the West Loop of Chicago
By the side of Federal Plaza a leafless tree stands lit up by the sunlight and surrounded by the darkness of the adjacent skyscrapers.
'Cloud Gate' covered in snow
Walking on the Nichols Bridgeway towards the Institute off Art on a pale grey morning
A pale blue coat and snowflakes on Jackson Street with the slogan, 'Chicago, go have fun'.
A face at Crown Fountain as the snow falls
Cloud Gate and a couple embracing
The ' Flamingo' and the Stars and Stripes standing still as the snow starts to fall
'Warning' : A moose blowing lilac bubblegum
A jogger with a red hat and a white truck in front of the Willis Tower
Photographing a selfie -taker at 'The Bean'
'The legs' Grant Park
The 'Flamingo' and a Stars and Stripes with a backdrop of a dark Federal Plaza
Crossing the bridge at La Salle