Chicago: art and architecture //

Local celebrity, Robin Williams, features in a mural created by Jerkface and Owen Dippie at 2051 Milwaukee Avenue
Yellow umbrella on W Adams Street as snow is falling
'Chicago' and the Stars and Stripes in the main hall at Union Station on a Sunday morning.
The rather cliched 'snap' of the Chicago Theatre sign...with yellow taxi and empty office
Couple in long, dark coats and a green 'Park' sign
34 people reflected in the 'Bean'
'The best burgers in Chicagoland'
Alexander Calder's 'Flamingo' stands alone in Federal Plaza, save for an unmoving' Stars and Stripes' and a few thousand snowflakes
07.00hrs and -8 degrees as a man in a red hat walks briskly across Wells Street bridge
2 sofas beneath the rail tracks on N Halstead Street.
Red, white and blue. A Ford Mustang stands in the snow watched over by Robin Williams on N Milwaukee Avenue.
'Live a colourful life' in the West Loop of Chicago
A pale blue coat and snowflakes on Jackson Street
'Cloud Gate' covered in snow
The ' Flamingo' and the Stars and Stripes standing still as the snow starts to fall
Dali'-esque reflections in winter sunlight and a white coat on E Illinois Street
'Warning' : A moose blowing lilac bubblegum
Cloud Gate and a couple embracing
A sculpture in the garden of the Institute of Art with an advertisement for a Warhol exhibition
Photographing a selfie -taker at 'The Bean'
Almost 16.00 hrs on a winter afternoon in Federal Plaza
'The legs' Grant Park
Muddy Waters on N State Street