Chicago : traintracks and alleyways //

On a November morning with a temperature of -21 degrees, the sunlight enters an alleyway at the side of the Western 'L' station, illuminating the graffiti and the numbers '0303'.
Pale blue soft top beneath Quincy 'L' station with commuters descending onto S Wells Street
Colours of yellow, grey and raspberry with the number'8' in an alleyway
Train leaving Wabash station whilst a single pedestrian walks by holding a cup of coffee.
Silhouettes in bright sunlight on N Wabash Avenue
Train leaving Harold Washington Library station illuminated by street lamps
Dove's Luncheonette by the side of Damen Station
Watched from the station at Salt/Lake someone crosses over amidst a swirl of snowflakes.
Sunlight falls on Wabash Avenue
The El train from Western to the Loop at 07.10hrs.
3 people seen from underneath the 'L' track at Quincy
The best burgers in Chicagoland
Shadows of lights at Quincey as a train approaches
2 people walking down an alleyway off Jackson Street and 8 numbers
A Jeep and a blue bin with a single street lamp and an orange brick wall giving the impression of a darkened sky.
An alleyway in the Loop
Alone under Quincy 'L' station
Walking underneath the 'L' tracks
'One Way' on S Quincy Street as the snow begins to fall
El train taken from a car park on N Wells Street, and a single cyclist
Orange, red and blue on Van Burn Street
Waiting at Damen station
Walking towards 'Boni Vino' ( sic) in the shadows of an El station
Crossing by Van Buren station in a yellow jacket
A man in a hat in an alleyway off Jackson Street
Underneath the El tracks at Quincy as the first snow falls
Alleyway and dust-covered car between Adams and Clark Streets
The view down the track with a single passenger waiting
Walking along W Van Buren Street and a blue sky
Sunlight brightens half of Wabash Avenue, including a woman in black, whilst the remainder of the avenue struggles to emerge from the shadow.
The first snow of winter fall on Quincy 'L' station
Through a snowfall an L train emerges