Genoa : the darkness of the carrugi //

Red motorino and 'Genova' graffiti
Yellow flowers
2 grey columns
'Prostituto e' lo stato''
No 8
A yellow chair
We are all going to die
Someone asleep
A red chair
Walking away
'Garage' sign and religious statue
Yellow suit at night
Reading with a cigarette
A broken bicycle
Skulls and unfinished trousers
Green coat
'Genova' in red
Red truck with heart
'IL balcone'
4 motorcycles and 'Genoa' graffiti
Una piazzetta
3 men
Peace Love
Orange walls
'Nucleare e' morte'
Towards San Vicenzo
Red jacket
Running with a dog
Entering Piazza San Lorenzo
Piazza Vacchero
Red motorcycle