London: An afternoon in December at Tate Modern //

On the approach to the Gallery
The Visitor. The Turbine Hall of this reborn, industrial giant provides the photographer with a gift in the contrast of stark, white light and patches of inky darkness, and the chance to find the life that lurks within the shadows created.
Alone at the side of the exhibit, 'Brain Forest Quipu', by Cecilia Vicuna
An orange jacket
Visitor 2
Conversation amidst the spiderworks
Walking beneath a figure in shadow
A bright red jacket
Towards the white light of the entrance
Descending the steps to the floor of the Turbine Hall
Visitor 3
Hard,white light and the 27 metre long 'spiderworks' enhance the Turbine Hall
Visitor 4
Walking through the spiderworks
Looking upwards in blue light
Of all the art galleries in all the world, does any compare with the space in the Turbine Hall
The view from the 2nd floor