London Shoreditch //

'Scary '1
All the young dudes
Blue shoes
Dog in white van on Redchurch street
'My hamster ate Freddie Star'
W A Hudson Ltd.
White Cube
Comedy Club on Rivington Street
'The quick brown fox'
Eker and Albert Fabrics
Smoking at a 'no entry' sign
Dummy with cap
'Less cleaning...more street art'
Asleep in a white t-shirt
'Oscar the punk is scum'
The proper East End on Brick Lane
Pink bear
Estate agents
Brick Lane
'New Media Whores'
Che Guevara
No Parking on Fournier Street
Brick Lane 2
Cool shoes
Our favourite story book
Hunky Dory
Kevin Rowland
Iggy Pop
Photographer and girl waiking
3 hats
On the phone
Taking a break
The devil wears Prada
Boots on Brick Lane
Cat with yellow eyes
2 couples, one undressed
In front of a coffee shop
'Scary' 2