London Shoreditch //

'Scary '1
All the young dudes
Blue shoes
Dog in white van on Redchurch street
'My hamster ate Freddie Star'
W A Hudson Ltd.
White Cube
Comedy Club on Rivington Street
'The quick brown fox'
Eker and Albert Fabrics
Smoking at a 'no entry' sign
Dummy with cap
Asleep in a white t-shirt
'Oscar the punk is scum'
Estate agents
Brick Lane
'New Media Whores'
Che Guevara
No Parking on Fournier Street
Brick Lane 2
Cool shoes
Our favourite story book
Hunky Dory
Kevin Rowland
Iggy Pop
Photographer and girl waiking
3 hats
The devil wears Prada
Boots on Brick Lane
Cat with yellow eyes
2 couples, one undressed
In front of a coffee shop
'Scary' 2