Matera- life in the sassi //

I sassi sotto la pioggia
A man alone in the sassi
A big sky
A faded green door
I sassi caveosi
On the edge of the ravine
Sunlight and blue skies
A yellow chair and a purple cushion
Un crocifisso
Abandoned sassi
'I lose myself in your eyes and begin to dream'
The road to the Duomo
An old doorway
Abandoned stairway
2 rainbows
A green door
La chiesa di Santa Maria di Idris
Walking in the sassi
An open window
Lights in the evening
A green door in a wall
A faded red door
A red car
Walking away
La piazza di San Pietro Caveoso
3 people and 5 sun loungers
Towards the Duomo spire
Pink walls
Climbing steps
The old church
Man in black and a washing line
Dark skies and a street light
The ravine and a view of the sassi
A couple and a church spire
The sassi caveosi
Terracotta steps
Clouds over a church
A yellow FIAT
Walking in the sunshine
Being watched
2 people in a piazza
The interior of an abandoned sasso