Naples Forcella //

Clutching a heart in Via Ferri Vecchi
Walking 3 dogs in Via Padrei Tosti
A tired old man in a green jumper and number 91
Refuse bins and the delivery of food to an upper floor
'One way' and thanks from the famiglia Scuotto
Padre Pio
The sinister face of Punchinello in Vitolo D'Arte
A helmet with a yellow star
White motorino, green door and washing
In front of a typically grand place of worship
A single shoe and 2 waste bins in Via Grande Archivio
Trying to escape
After Antonio and Mario, Luca has arrived!
A child's toy tractor in a courtyard
Sitting outside a pizzeria in Via Tribunali
Young couple and a motorino
The hospital for broken dolls
A white, plastic chair and 'Mastiffs' sign
An antique store and a young couple
'keep it real' in Forcella
2 children playing
An old lady and yellow street art
A sculpture of a large dog
'Hope' in Forcella
An old man with a hat and a red motorino
The last of the evening sunshine
Forza Napoli'