NY Life //

The New Yorker Hotel and Stars and Stripes
Art on the roof of the Met
Torn Stars and Stripes
Taking a break
Traffic wardens in Times Square
'One way' on the Lower East Side
Eva Mendes
Seating downtown
Sharp shoes in Soho
In the roof garden of the Met
On top of the Rock
Photographing the photographer in MoMA
Asleep on the Brooklyn Bridge
Remembering 9/11
Skateboarders in Battery Park
Waiting for the Puerto Rican Parade
'necessary Objects' on Park Avenue
Lower East Side man
Watching prostitutes on Houston
Father and child in Madison Square Park
2 women and a dog on E59th Street
Strolling on 5th Avenue
Flat cap and the Empire State
'I love NY' rat
Reflection of Tribeca
'Marie and Stephanie love NY'
Exercising in Central Park
New York Times
Radio City
Saxophonist in Bryant Park