NY Uptown //

Shoes on 5th Avenue
Modelling on 5th Avenue
Central Park morning
Japanese couple
Saks Vth Avenue and tramp
Dog walking in Central Park
A new world of beauty
3 women and the Bethesda Fountain
2 joggers on a Sunday morning in Central Park
Sitting at Moma
In the Guggenheim
2 men and the Apple store on 5th Avenue
Leaving the Met
Running Man
Mimicking Prometheus
Is this art?
2 girls and a dog
A large trowel in the roof garden of the Met
Traffic officers on 5th Avenue
Sunglasses and Bergdorf Goodman
Greyhound in Central Park
Man with hat at the Guggenheim
Exercising in Central Park
Reading the New York Times
5 figures at the Wollman Rink
Helmut Lang