NYC: Extras //

These images were belatedly produced during the pandemic following the publication of a book about the photographer, Saul Leiter, who produced some wonderfully colourful images involving obscured views of people and places in New York. It made me reconsider a series of photographs taken in 2016, a few of which , hopefully, have a sense of what Saul Leiter achieved so well. This first image is my personal tribute, taken on the High Line. It seeks to make the viewer wonder what they are seeing. The behatted man by the side of the inverted ice cream cone who was present on the walkway at the time of the shot may be the answer.
Eva Mendes and a shadow man on Houston
The profile of a young Elvis walking along Houston Street in bright autumnal sunlight, in front of a large mural of the people of the city.
Red sleeping bag and watching mannequins on Mercer Street
Contemporary Art on West Broadway
Morning light as the traffic emerges on Delancey Street from across the distant Williamsburg Bridge.
An enormous red rose stands above a lone visitor to MoMA
Crossing 5th Avenue as the coiled exterior of the Guggenheim Museum emerges from the shadows into late afternoon sunliight.
Your life can be a yellow
A room full of glittering pieces at the New Museum
A fragmented reflection through the glass of a building in the Meatpacking District.
Bright light and dark shadowing on Park Avenue as one looks towards the Met Life Building
Mercer Street life
Dark figures silhouetted beneath the archways near the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
An antique store in the Lower East Side
A sunlit face of a man walking in shadows below the Williamsburg Bridge
Standing with a coffee below the Stars and Stripes.
During the building of Hudson Yards
Starburst on Broome Street
Fanelli's Cafe on Mercer Street and 6 people in autumn sunlight.
On the other side of Mercer Street