Palermo 22: Amidst the light and shade //

Light through the glassless window of an abandoned palazzo. Revisiting the city 8 years after a 3 night stay in Vucciria,not only does one notice a marked transformation, through redevelopment, of many sections of the centre which previously were grimy, litter-strewn and haunting, but also that the ever-present sunlight creates its own pictures through the contrast of light and shade ( Luce ed ombra) which enriches those vicoli and piazze which otherwise remain hidden from admiration. Over 7 days the city appeared to be experiencing a rebirth and these images seek to describe the splendour and colour which the 'new' Palermo now seems content to display.
At the Postale Centrale, alone amidst grand columns of red and grey.
The many colours of La Vucciria Mercato
'Il Siciliano' and the 'Vespa Cafe' at 10.25
A well-dressed man walking through the La Vucciria Mercato in the quiet of a very early morning.
The colour orange at the Fontana Pretoria
A Piaggio ridden by a man in a blue jacket escaping the shadows on Via Zara
In contemplation at the Tribunale
Lotto everywhere.
'Love conquers...' in Vucciria Market
Father and son walking to school in Vucciria , taken in reflection
In via Cala, Il Murales che celebra Falcone e Borsellino. Two of the very bravest in the history of modern Italy.
By the side of Piazza San Domenico
The struggle between light and shade at the Quattro Canti.
An old lady walking in sunlight in Discesa di Guidici and a bright red van
Walking alone at dawn in front of St Mary of the Admiral.
A man reading by the court buildings with a dog and a piece of contemporary sculpture
Through the darkness of an alleyway a splash of bright orange on Via Vittorio Emanuele
A tattered Stars and Stripes at RISO
Don Corleone and the Ragazzi della Vucciria reflect past associations.
Father and daughter travelling away from the huge, white columns of the Postale Centrale
Dawn's early light falling on a bench in the small triangle of space between Via Volturno and Via Salesio Balsano.
Light falling on a dark, old and broken stairway
3 Fiat cars parked Italian-style in Monreale, mimicking the tricolour of the Italian flag
A rose seller preparing his stall in a side street leading towards the Ballaro Mercato.
The dogs of La Vucciria.
A curtain in blue and white stripes hangs despondently on the outside of a crumbling building
Within the Cattedrale
Emerging from the complete shadow at the Quattro Canti
Flowers dying in front of a votive wall shrine in Vicolo della Rosa Bianca
It seems that not all of the original 48 statues designated for the Fontana Pretoria in 1554 have presented themselves.
A cyclist emerging from the shadows by il Banco di Sicilia
White flowers in sunlight at La Chiesa di Maria dello Spasimo
Towards Ballaro.
No Mafia; a resilient and prominent memorial to its victims.
Al Pacino in the fish market in Vucciria.
Ahead of the shadows on Via Maqueda
The Fontana Pretoria from the roof of the adjacent Chiesa Santa Caterina d'Alessandria
Behind the alterations to the bomb damaged Piazza Garraffello an old man and a forgotten espresso.
The Column of the Immaculate Conception seen through a balustrade
Different coloured, metal dogs and a man standing off Via Maqueda
Sunlight falling on the side of a church
Panificio and an old, red Fiat 500 in Borgo Vecchio
Looking back
Blue jacket and the Quattro Canti
In the vicoli behind Piazza Garrafello a red car and a sunbeam lighting up a man in blue.
2 lads and the cupola of a church
Sitting in sunlight
The 'Blue Octopus' street art faded by the sunlight and 2 motorcyclists in Borgo Vecchio
Luce ed ombra alla Chiesa di Santa Maria dello Spasimo.
A beam of white sunlight enters an abandoned building off Via Maqueda
A colourful head dress, orange pipework and a dark silhouette in Borgo Vecchio
Cycling towards Via Roma
Evening light falls on Via alla Tavola Tonda in Vucciria
With a walking stick, making one's way along Via Roma in front of the Postale Centrale.
Falcone at the Tribunale
'Alles ist gut': Angels in La Kalsa
Seen through an iron gate, a memorial to the politician, Emanuele Notarbartolo- the first victim of the Mafia
White motorino and man using a cell phone.
A white scooter taken through torn plastic sheeting on Via Mariano Stabile
Dressed in white on Via Orologio
Walking away from Pizza Sant'Anna with a blue sky.
A black dog in Vucciria.
The fractured statue of Charles V standing in Piazza Bologna
Stop sign by the Fire Station on Via Gaetano Donizetti
A black t-shirt and a white Fiat 500 in Borgo Vecchio
Leaving Vucciria market and heading onto Via Roma
Padre Pio in Vucciria
A red shirt amidst the shadows cast by the midday sunlight.
From Ballaro towards Via Abramo Lincoln
A dash of morning light at the Fontana Pretoria
'I Love Vucciria'
The memory of Paolo Borsellino
Light through an arched window falls onto an empty, decaying stairway.
Sunlight amidst the dark columns of the Postale Centrale.
Palermo: yesterday,today and tomorrow in Borgo Vecchio
Caught in the shadows by the Quattro Canti