Paris : at the summer's end //

Early morning at the Place du Trocadero
Reading as the sun rises
Crossing in St Germain
Sitting in The Tuileries
Man in a suit in the sunshine
Pyramid at the Louvre
In front of the art installation at La Defence
Trinite' metro station no 1
love is a can of spray paint
2 green chairs
Towards the Louvre
Trinite' metro station no 2
Early morning at the Louvre
'Oki to Tokyo'
The Tuileries at dawn
La Defence no 1
Memorial to the deportation of the Jews
Trinite' metro station no 3
Statue in colour near Montmartre
Cyclist in St Germain
Rays of light in St Germain
Statue in the Tuileries gardens
Walking towards the Louvre
A green door
La Defence no 2
Fountain and artist in the Jardins du Luxembourg
Reflection in blue at La Defence
Man in a red cap
'No Smoking'
Pink umbrella in the Quartier Latin
Sitting making a call
Striped shirt in Rue des Lions St-Paul
A big wheel from the Tuileries
Surrounded by pigeons
La Defence at 7am
Another lamppost
Exercising in the Tuileries
The Louvre at 7am
2 men with briefcases and the Pyramid
take the night bus - Trinite' metro station
looking towards the Arc de Triomphe
Walking to work at La Defence
The Museum of the deportation of the Jews
La Defence no 3
Street lamps and the Eiffel Tower
Place du Trocadero