Rovinj: The colours of early September //

Emerging from the shadows
A tied umbrella and a yellow background
The shadow of a bell tower falls onto No 26
In the shadow of an alleyway, a ray of light illuminates one of two shuttered windows.
The old town behind a clutch of green plants
A cyan doorway with a splash of burnt orange
Large ceramic storage jar and some old, duck egg blue doors
'Giants' and an old blue car
The bright colours of Driovier and a single lamppost lit by morning light
Walking in front of a pink wall
A yellow wall, a green shutter and a tattoo parlour
An orange light within a window above a tourist with an orange t shirt
Seville orange and racing green with deep shadows
A Doberman on a morning walk by the Church of St Euphemia
Sunglasses and shadows
The lighthouse and a blue and white sky
A red canopy
The campanile shining against an Yves Klein blue sky
Wandering aimlessly by Balbi's Arch
Blue shirt, red building, orange walls and a Trattoria
A white motorino and a washing line
A green door from 1619
No entry by the Toursist Office
Green bench
Walking in the shadows along Santa Croce
The campanile through folded umbrellas in shadow
A collection of red flowers tentatively emerge from the dense shadows as the sunlight concentrates on the taller buildings surrounding it.
A Blue Chair and the block colours of Mondrian.
Yellow door
A yellow bag
Light enters from the left to create a contrast of colours from the darkness of the end of a passageway.
The campanile seen through the darkness of an alleyway.
Red scooter and colourful walls
In the light
A table at a trattoria
Towards St Euphemia's
3 windows and a pink wall at the old tobacco factory
Leaving through Balbi's Arch
A pink chair and a yellow wall