Tokyo Architecture and structures //

Maranouchi from the Imperial Palace
The view from the Mori Tower
Approaching the Gallery of the Horiuji Treasures is man in a lilac suit, the only movement in the collection of lines and shapes created by the architecture and the sunlight
3 people on the way to work in Shinjuku
Late afternoon light and the train to Odaiba
Tokyo Sky Tower from the Shangri-La Hotel
Walking towards the Conrad Hotel
Shiodome cyclist
Tokyo International Forum
Red against the mellow tones of a late winter afternoon.
Cab and office blocks by Tokyo Station
The view from the Mori Tower
The Tokyo Tower
Looking out from the Museum of Modern Art
A blue building near Odaiba
Odaiba red traffic light
Midtown buildings in glass
Looking at a mask in Shinjuku
Shidome in the sunlight
Pastel colours
Sky Tower at dawn
The Prada Building
The Tokyo Tower from Rippongi
Shiodome 2
Reflection from Shiodome station
A black Mercedes caught in the sunlight amidst the shadows of Shiodome.
Towards the Rainbow Bridge
Railway line towards Tokyo central
Shiodome 3
Reflections in an office block by Odaiba Station
The journey home from school
The Prada Building
The blue Arts Building and a single pedestrian.
Towards Tokyo station and Shibuya
The Tokyo Tower from Rippongi
Blue building 2
A woman in a red coat
After the rain- from Shimbashi station
Early morning in Odaiba
From the Sky Tower to the Tokyo Tower
The Odaiba Express arriving at Shimbashi
Tokyo Post Office Building
The view at midnight from the Shangri-La Hotel
The uniform of glass shapes making up the pattern of the roof of a shopping complex
Statue in Shinjuku
Leaving Tokyo Station