Tokyo Art and Culture //

A man in a lilac suit at the Gallery of the Horyuji Treasures
Stairs and a single visitor
Poster of the Yellow Magic Orchestra
Staring ahead in the old fish market
Tradition is alive in Ginza
Crossings in Shinjuku
Walking away
Walking in Ginza
walking amidst the empty trees
In Shibuya, a cyclist and the evenly spaced cars all complaint with the local Highway Code.
Poster in Shibuya
A time for reflection for a woman in a yellow sweater
Modern life in Ginza
Taxi driver
Trees in Shinjuku-gyoen
Statue at the Yakushan Museum
There has to be more than this
A bicycle and a green coated worker at the Fish Market
A girl walking along a side street
Asakusa: an old man and the Tokyo Tower
in Ginza
A smiling advertisement and a morose-faced traveller
Glass wall
A shrine in Yoyogi Park
A couple walking on a Sunday morning
A long shift
Alone in a museum
Salaryman waiting for his train
Going home