Tokyo People //

Yellow taxi and Prada Building
Victory sign and Harajuku girl
Woman in Ginza
Taking the train at Tokyo station
Wearing Sunday best at the Meiji Shrine
Pink in Ikebukero
Red hat and yen in Ikebukero
Crossing at Shibuya
2 cool guys at Prada
Smartly dressed man in Ginza
Outside Yodobashi
Man in a black coat in Harajuku
Waiting at Yurakucko
Mother and son in Harajulku
Green truck on Nihombashi Bridge
Youngsters in orange
Smoking zone in Maranouchi
Aboard the JR Line
At Shibuya Crossing
'From Japan to the world'
Man with hat in Shibuya
Taxi driver in Shibuya
Harajuku girl
2 men about to cross at Akihabara
Salarymen waiting for the train
Looking out towards Shibuya
Salaryman in Shiodome
Family at Yoyogi Park
Girl in Kagurazaka
Family in Shibuya
Young salaryman in Asakusa
Monk and Tokyo Sky Tower
Worker at Tsukiji fish market
Walking in Shibuya
Cool hat and umbrella
Wedding ceremony at the Meiji Shrine
Old woman in Yoyogi Park
Red hat, cigarette and iPhone in Shibuya
In a smoking zone
Salaryman in Shibuya
Old woman in Roppongi
Smoker in Shibuya
Leaving Tokyo station
Waiting for the train at Shinbashi station