Zermatt : in December //

A white house on the way from Blatten to Furi
A tree and a mist covered mountainside on the path to Furi
A noiseless, white, hallucinatory landscape From Blauherd to Fluhalp with the bluest, blue sky
A skier and the hamlet of Blatten
Going downwards from Sunnegga in a red ski suit.
A house amongst the trees
Yellow grasses on a bright day near Blauherd
The falling mist on returning from Furi
Snow and mist
Breaking through the clouds and the Hotel Zermatterhof
2 trees and the edge of a blue hut
A clutch of auburn trees being enveloped by late afternoon mist.
A skier leaving Blatter as the mist arrives
At the very edge of Zermatt
Through the trees the sunlight illuminates the edge of the mountain tops
Logs and an enveloping mist
A winter wonderland
A skier in a red suit with a blue sky
Trees sitting on a rock face above Zmutt
At 09.00 a runner leaving Zmutt
Outdoor lights in front of the Matterhorn
A helicopter caught in the sun's rays
Towards Zermatt from the road to Zmutt
Walkers disappearing in the mist
A skateboarder at Fluhalp
Red and orange poles